“If everyone would look for that uniqueness then we would have a very colorful world.”

~Michael Schenker

Dear Suitors,

I have chosen to be more low-volume, so that I can still give my all to each lover and make each memory special.

For this new stage of my journey, a new rate structure will be in effect starting March 1st.

The new rate will be four hundred for the first hour, each additional hour being two hundred. Dates booked before March 1st will be honored the old rates.
Lovers that have seen me twice or more before the March 1st of 2020 will be grandfathered in.

I would also like to introduce: The Colourful Club! The Colourful Club is for lovers who wish to connect with me on a regular basis.

The member’s rate is two hundred fifty for the first hour, each additional hour being a hundred fifty. 

In order to join the club, a yearly fee of nine hundred and fifty dollars apply, and new lovers will need to go through screening.

xoxo – Ciel 


*Deposit will be required

*Cancellations for individual appointments with less than 48 hour notice, are subjected to a 50% cancellation fee 



1hr $300
1.5hr $450
2hr $600
3hr $850
4hr $1100


  • LOCATIONS: Downtown (Liberty Village), Downtown Core, Eglinton West, Etobicoke 
  • Each additional hour is an additional $250
  • Dates longer than 4 hours should include a date in public, such as a meal.
  • Couples/groups available +$100 per hour per person 



snuggle with me (12hrs)

passion all night (12hrs) $3500


  • Snuggle with me’ should include minimum 6 hours of sleep
  • It’s recommended that both ‘snuggle with me’ and ‘”passion” all night” be booked minimum 24 hours in advance


  • +$50 downtown
  • +fee of my transportation 
  • for GTA area
  • Minimum 1hr

Extra Services

Sexting 1hr $100
Social $200