Dear Suitors,

I would like to introduce: The Colourful Club! The Colourful Club is for lovers who wish to connect with me on a regular basis.

The member’s rate is two hundred fifty for the first hour, each additional hour being a hundred fifty.

In order to join the club, a yearly fee of nine hundred and fifty dollars apply, and new lovers will need to go through screening.

xoxo – Ciel


  • LOCATIONS: Downtown Core, Eglinton West
  • Each additional hour is an additional $150
  • Dates longer than 4 hours should include a date in public, such as a meal.
  • Couples/groups available +$50 per hour per person

Spend the Night with Me

8hr $1000
12hr $1300
24hr $2000
  • Each additional day is $600


  • No extra outcall fee for downtown core
  • For GTA there will be an outcall fee, please inquire for a quote

Extra Services

Sexting 1hr $100
Social $150
  • each additional hour for social date is $100