Hi there, Darling!

Hi, my name is Ciel. And like the sky with sunlight, starlight and sunset, I am vibrant with countless colours. I promise that you will never get the same experience twice.
I am surely a rare treat. Being an Asian girl with vibrant hair colour, I am often told that I look like an anime girl. You will find me so cute, that you will want to gobble me up.

You will also notice that I am as cheerful and bubbly as an anime girl. I exude happy energy, and I will be the escape you needed from the stress of everyday life. As we indulge in our conversation, you will realize that you are with a girl who is not only beautiful, but also incredibly intelligent and interesting. After all, travelling all over the world has made me open-minded and easy to talk to. It has also made me a story teller and a perfect travel companion. Plus I can talk dirty to you in 5 different languages 😉

All in all, one thing is for sure: no one has my colour. I am the girl you have been dreaming of, and now here I am, just for you.
*I don’t discriminate based on age, gender, race or ability. I crave all of your colours.

xoxo – Ciel 

The Basics

Age:Early twenties
Hair colour:Midnight Black
Eye colour:Dark brown

5’1″ (155cm)

Body type:soft and petite(All natural)